"Working with Sanvean was AMAZING! Besides being a true creative talent Sanvean is one of the most sincere people I've met, which made me instantly feel comfortable with him and in front of the camera. San intuitively tapped into my sense of self and was able to create images that portrayed my aesthetic, personality, and highlighted my best physical attributes. We spent a long day together shooting and laughing and exchanging ideas. Sanvean was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone."
~ R.

"A session with San is very relaxed and pressure-free. The experience is really more like having a conversation with a good friend and, in the meantime, he is capturing the intimate and beautiful moments that most people miss. He's got an eye for showing us how lovely we truly are, in spite of ourselves."
~ L.

"Working with Sanvean is a lot of fun. He is very patient and considerate. He made me feel comfortable in my own skin. He's gentle and funny all at the same time. I never felt like I had to do anything that I didn't want to. He lets me be myself. I can't wait for the next time!"
~ J.

"Sanvean captured hidden elements through the eye of his camera that are uniquely beautiful and represented a side of my personality that is awe inspiring to me as the model. I love his work and look forward to more in the future."
~ A.

Portraits exhibited on this site are done so with the permission of the clients pictured.

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